2 October 2015

When were you last embarrassed? Do you have a ‘most embarrassing moment’?

laughter is the best medicine

I was recently asked what my most embarrassing moment was as part of a light-hearted interview. What a question! I have been grilled by many journalists over the years but never asked this simple question.

To be honest it caught me off-guard. Why can’t I think of something? Surely everyone has an anecdote of being embarrassed? But when you really think about it deeply, you’re perhaps embarrassed for a matter of seconds, and then you either learn from it or laugh – usually a lot!

These moments become anecdotes to laugh about or lessons to pass onto people who can perhaps learn from your mistakes.

Holding onto that feeling of your face burning and hoping the ground will swallow you up can be a dangerous thing. Fear of embarrassment stops people in their tracks. But, I think that it is these embarrassing experiences that often drive us, they help us learn and encourage us to try harder to succeed and avoid being in that situation again.

Have you ever found yourself avoiding an event, giving up on a project or holding yourself back because you didn’t want to be embarrassed?

Undoubtedly there are unavoidable situations where you may feel this way, that’s where a thick skin is a force to be reckoned with, and there are times when it stops us from doing silly things, but I wonder how much more we could achieve in our professional lives if this fear was removed.

Would you share your idea, put forward your suggestion if you couldn’t be embarrassed by it? While I’m not an expert, experience has taught me to follow three simple rules: experiment, no matter how ‘out there’ people may think you are, laugh and learn.

Be mindful the next time you’re embarrassed; if it’s appropriate, laugh. Turn that negative emotion into a positive.

How do you deal with embarrassment?

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