12 October 2015

Have you ever thought about what makes the world go around? Would it keep turning if we were all the same?

My wife and I - balancing each other out.

My wife and I – balancing each other out.

I think that it is the different personalities and values that we have that keep the world turning, that keep us growing and that help us to be more successful.

We’ve recently been looking at how we can further improve UKFast’s customer service. Whilst our NPS score is high and I am incredibly proud of that, I want us to be in a position where every client gets exactly the same extraordinary level of service – in my opinion, if we are not delivering this; we’re not doing our job properly.

So what have we discovered? Looking at our team it is clear that there are some distinct personality groups and it starts with myself and my wife Gail. I have described the balance that we have before – whilst I am quite free, full steam ahead, autonomous; Gail is focussed on details and if we have set a plan, she’s stickler for staying on that path. On our own, we’re each missing key traits needed for success, but together we bring each aspect of our personalities to balance one another out.

We all have different priorities which make us more attuned to different roles within business. Attention to detail and a real supportive gene are essential to customer service, whereas the more bullish, free-thinking people are perfectly suited to being on the phones bringing in business and ensuring that our clients get the best deal they can.

Invariably there is one common thread between these personalities, it is interesting that this is a high drive – each of these personality types hinge on being very driven.

Some of the greatest businesses in the world harness this balance. Arguably, these different personality types bring different skillsets to the table too. With Rolls and Royce, Rolls was the salesman, Royce was the diligent mechanical engineer. Tim Bacon of Living Ventures brings energy to the business, whilst his business partner Jeremy is the guy behind the scenes keeping the cogs moving. And, of course, there is Richard Branson and his wife Joan – an enviable partnership of entrepreneurial spirit and Glaswegian straight-talking!

I guess it is ultimately like the old adage of horses for courses. Discovering which person is best for which role is essential to growing a successful business, a happy team and eventually happy customers.

How do you bring balance to your business or life? Do you have a partner who is the yin to your yang?

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