28 October 2015

What will it take for Britain to start buying British and looking after its own economy? factory

Reading the ongoing, and seemingly inevitable, collapse of our steel industry seems to be another nail in the coffin of our self-sustainability as a country.

Reading about Redcar and now Tata Steel’s 1200 job cuts I can’t help but ask could no one bail it out?

Whilst other European governments are taking significantly more aggressive steps to tackle steel dumping from China, we seem to be sitting back to watch the end of our steel industry play out. Italy’s Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, bailed out a steelworks last December; Germany’s Angela Merkel protects steel producers from higher energy prices – what does Cameron do?

It seems to be a recurring theme – whenever there is an issue affecting our country, it always comes down to us to take action. Ultimately, we have to start buying British. We have to have pride in our own ability as a nation to create a better environment.

Letting businesses sell to our country at subsidised rates with often zero tax is a disgrace and the government should stop worrying about the likes of Google and “what if they relocate”, and start thinking long term with a fair and balanced playing field.

Once our steel industry has gone it has gone. Rebuilding plants and coke ovens is too cost prohibitive. Stop buying from foreign companies when there is talent on the doorstep.

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