3 November 2015

How many photos do you actually take before you choose the one that you post online?


Image taken from Essena’s Instagram account with the newly updated caption: “there is nothing real about this”.

Many people joke that they take 50 selfies before posting the perfectly filtered, cropped and adjusted image. But where is that line?

Model Essena O’Neil seemingly led the perfect life, stunningly documented on Instagram. Making up to £875 per promoted post, Essena was making money from sharing her perfect world with the internet.

However, this week Essena has deleted 2,000 of those images and admitted in a candid YouTube video that she is giving up social media because it took over her life. Getting more likes became an obsession, an incredibly unhealthy one.

Whilst we are lucky to have such a connected world and the ability to share our adventures with people across the globe, I don’t think that this should be the only reason we wear certain clothes, do certain activities or behave in a certain way.

I agree wholeheartedly with Essena when she highlights that these shots are not the ‘real life’ snaps that she originally captioned them to be. Now recaptioning them to show the reality of the photo, Essena is setting an example to young people who strive to emulate ‘ideal’ lifestyles of the Instafamous.

How can you make the most of this following? Rather than showing off what an amazing life you appear to have, how can you influence people? How can you encourage change? How can you help other people?

Whilst there are obvious reasons to filter what you post online to promote a positive personal reputation, these should be the questions we are asking rather than which photo will get the most likes.

Whilst I don’t profess to be an expert, social media can be incredibly powerful if we use it to its best potential.

Do you agree with Essena’s new approach to social media? How do you think we can make the most of the platform?

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