6 November 2015

How do you lead a team?

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Great leaders don’t shout, they encourage people and help them to grow.

For me a leader isn’t a shouter, someone who bellows commands and shouts at failure, a disruptive demonstrative character. A leader is more intelligent than that.

Whether it is the captain of a sports team or a director in a company, leaders are those people who drive others –and it is those people who are key to becoming successful.

Find the person who will lift the team.

I am a firm believer in Jim Collins’ concept of Level 5 leaders. Level 5 leaders build great teams and empower people to take responsibility. They want people to take ownership; this creates a strong culture in which people love to work.

Equally, these people take ownership of a problem; they look inward rather than blaming those around them. In my experience, people work a lot harder if you remind them how well they are doing; Level 5 leaders do this in spades.
A Level 5 leader wants to learn from the best and not just wade in and throw their weight around before assessing the lay of the land.
I was never the captain of my rugby team but I was the guy that people wanted on their team because I was able to lift the team and keep them motivated. It is this personality, the type that people want to be around, to learn from and to emulate, that ultimately build fantastic teams.

Given the choice between a tyrannical task master or an encouraging, thoughtful leader, I know which I would rather have on my team.

How do you lead your team? What advice would you share?

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