9 November 2015

Do you ever get the Monday blues?

It fascinates me that the Monday blues seem to be endemic. Surely there can’t be that many people in the country who are so unhappy with their work-lives that every Monday is a down day?team meeting

Mondays are always exceptionally busy at UKFast. We have our company-wide ‘Town Hall’ meeting first thing, followed by our management meeting straight after.These are invaluable to the business.; they set us on the right track for the week, they solve any issues before they grow and they motivate the rest of the team to be the best they can be.

It was unbelievable looking around the room this morning – to think 16 years ago there was Gail, myself and our only recruit Neil. Now we have around 30 people in our management layer and 250 people on the team!

This is how we boost the energy of Monday mornings. The weekly #MondayMotivation hashtag on Twitter follows the same concept but on a massive scale! Whilst some use the network to grumble about the weekend being over, others choose to share what’s getting them out of bed in the morning!

It is an extraordinary use of the social network for positivity. How do you stay motivated each week? Here are my top tips, I’d love to hear yours.

Schedule: schedule as much of your week as you can. Planning your diary means you avoid the chaos of Monday mornings and the never-ending to-do list for the week, which can sometimes be overwhelming.

Set your goals: set your goals for the week ahead and write them down. What is your point on the horizon for Friday? How will you achieve that? This helps you to stay on course no matter what the week throws at you.

Look after yourself: the time to take a rest is when you don’t have time for one. Make sure that you come out of ‘work mode’. Take time to exercise, eat well and sleep. You can’t be productive and efficient if you’re not fuelling yourself properly.

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