10 November 2015

Can you imagine being told that from now until the end of the year you’re working for free?

Thanks to this country’s gender pay gap, that’s effectively what women across the country are experiencing.g

Yesterday, November 9th, was Equal Pay Day – the point in the year where the wage gap between men and women effectively means that female employees are working for free for the remaining days of the year.

How is this possible in this day and age? Women should be on equal pay! End of!

It’s also taking advantage of the most important section of society – mums! Where would we be without them? I’ve often spoken about the importance of looking after mums in the workplace and having a pay gap already in place – without even taking into consideration maternity leave, maternity pay and the pressures of returning to work – is unthinkable.

Discrimination of any sort is appalling, and this huge chasm between the two genders’ salaries is as dumbfounding as discriminating over race or religion. We’re all putting the work and effort in and should reap the same reward for the same jobs.

Equal Pay Day is calculated based on the hourly pay official stats which show that the average wage gap for full-time employees is 14.2%. Fourteen percent! As a business leader it astounds me that this is still happening in 2015.

There are conversations around the pay gap suggesting it is because women are less inclined to ask for a raise or push for a promotion but I don’t think that should even be a talking point.

Whilst I appreciate that this is perhaps an ideal view of the world and I accept that I am by no means an expert on the matter or how to solve it, I believe that it shouldn’t be a question of having to push for a promotion or rise, it should be that people – men or women – are fairly and equally rewarded for the work that they do.

It is down to business leaders, like myself, to end discrimination of this type once and for all, and it shouldn’t take the 50 years that it is predicted to, don’t you think?

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