13 November 2015

The latest proposed changes to our police force are about to become one of the biggest injustices of our time!
Suggesting that all police officers should require a degree-level education could be a nail in the coffin of our modern police force. Whilst policing is a thankless task already, this is making life doubly hard.

It is the most ludicrous situation. For a role as important as the safety and justice of our country, someone with power and responsibility, we should be recruiting on values. We should be looking for the ones that match the role that we want to create.

Supportive, collaborative, strong and steady – these are the type of individuals we want for the police. We should be looking for honesty and integrity. Wiping a section of society out because they’re not going to university is ludicrous.

It’s nonsense. I could not agree more with the Police Federation who are concerned over excluding hard-to-reach groups and people who simply can’t afford to go to university.

This is even more relevant at a time when there has been a shift in the attitude of young people. There are more options than ever to start a strong career and some of these young kids are now saying they don’t want to go to university, to put themselves in debt, and to work on courses that might not equip them for the future.

It is a dangerous move at a time when young people are taking the brave step to do an apprenticeship or learn a trade, or take time out in an industry to learn something different. It takes courage to make that choice, so then when you come to the time to discover your vocation, you certainly should not be discounted from joining the police because you’ve not done three years of a few hours a week of education. It is nonsense.

Whilst the College of Policing may say that the job is of ‘degree-level complexity’, in my opinion, no qualification can replace the right attitude or on-the-job experience. Essentially becoming a police officer will be less about ‘are you’re the right person to be a police officer?’ and more ‘did you do get a certificate to do the job?’.

I am incredibly concerned that this move would mean that the police will not ultimately be involved in who joins the police force. They will not choose who goes to university for which course; it will be up to the university to choose who does their courses and who our police force ultimately is. Nonsense.

What do you think of the proposal?

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