17 November 2015

When do we stop believing in magic?

This time of year always brings me to this question – when we see the Christmas gifts and decorations start to fill the shops and my girls start to get excited for December 25th – I can’t help but wonder when that magic stops?piano

When do we turn into the people who bemoan stores stocking Christmas goods in November? More importantly, when do we stop dreaming big and begin preventing our children from doing the same?

Children are fantastic dreamers. Whereas we, as adults, will dream of owning a nice car, children will dream of owning three cars: one that can fly, one that can float and one that sings Frozen’s Let It Go every time you honk the horn.

If you regularly read my blog, you will know how much value I place on goal setting, and children are the ultimate goal setters. They’re not limited by the loss of that magic that seems to happen as we grow older. There is no logic to wanting to be a spaceman, or a unicorn or whatever the goal is. It is simply a dream and they know that want to do it.

I believe that this is how we should set our goals – both in business and in life. We should dream big. As we grow up we place unnecessary limits on ourselves and there is a real danger that we are passing these onto our children too.

If you have a dream but you’re limiting yourself, ask why? Why can’t you do it? Why can you not aim for the stars and land in the clouds, as they say?

Perhaps you don’t have to believe in Santa Claus or get into the festive spirit on November 6th, but you can bring back some of that childlike magic when you set your goals, when you come to live your dreams, if you think about what you as a child dreamt.

When we reach the end of our years, I doubt very much that we will be thinking about the car that we drive or the title on our business card; we will be thinking about the magic moments we had in our lives, the special memories and the crazy dreams. Now is the time to set the course for these special moments!

I would love to know what you think.

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