25 November 2015

At this time of the year it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle, with the wintry winds and pouring rain, rushing around for Christmas shopping and trying to end the year on a high at work. But, when do you take the time to sit back and focus?


The team in Snowdon on a not so steady course! Sink or swim!

It is easier in the summertime, when you’re on your holiday or relaxing in the garden; but this time of the year we seem to forget to take care of ourselves.

Not only can this lead to everyday tasks becoming stressful and demotivating, it leads us off course. In business, it can be extremely dangerous to go too long without taking time to check your course.

I often use Earl Nightingale’s ship analogy to explain the importance of mapping out your goals and staying on course. Imagine a ship, it has no course, it has no map, no crew and it sets sail. Will it reach a destination? Will it even leave the harbour?

Now compare that to a ship with a trained crew, a plotted course and a chosen destination. Like Earl says, 9,999 times out of 10,000 it will reach that destination. This is how I see business. We have to take the time to check that our ship is on course.

For me, this time of year is an opportunity to look back at the year and work out what it will take in the final month to make it an exceptional year to remember; whether that is at work or at home.

Gail and I always take time out at this time of year to look back at how far we have come so far. It is an incredible way of evaluating your position and removing distractions.

Take some time away from the office, somewhere comfortable, and take a look at your goals – if you haven’t already set them, set some for the end of the year. Where are you up to on that path? What changes can you make to ensure you hit your goal? Which distractions can you remove?

It is exciting as the deadline of the end of the year approaches and with a firm point on the horizon, you’re far more likely to end the year on a high.

I’d love to know your goals and how you’re getting on.

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