26 November 2015

Today we hold the second of our InspireMCR events sharing the business tips, advice and secrets of success from some of the country’s greatest entrepreneurs.

Tonight a real friend of mine takes the stage, James Timpson OBE.

Timpson is an extraordinary business – James is now the CEO and along with his dad, John, has created an astonishing brand.

The Timpsons were one of the pioneers of upside-down management. If you have this style of management within your business it puts the team at the coalface, the people supporting your customers, who ultimately are most important, in charge. We harness this at UKFast, putting client-facing teams at the top of the tree, leading decisions to ensure that we provide a fantastic service. When it comes to me, to the management and directors, we’re just a support mechanism to make sure that people can service the customer properly.

As John Timpson himself said of his customer-facing staff: “We’re not telling them what to do, we are organising the support to help them do it better.”

James is just one of tonight’s speakers and, no doubt, I will share the insights shared by all of tonight’s speakers in due course and you can track the conversation at #InspireMCR on Twitter. In the meantime, here are the highlights of the last InspireMCR event. I hope it inspires you and your business.

I strongly believe that if you want to learn how to run a better business, simply engage with other business owners. These events are that opportunity. I hope to see you tonight, or at the next one.

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