27 November 2015

It is amazing how much of an impact someone from our past can have on our future.

I was chatting about my childhood this week and it reminded me of where many of the values I hold today originated.LJ

I spent a lot of time at chorister school, surrounded by nuns, from the age of seven to 13. Whilst I am not sure that the environment would be the same nowadays, back then we were worked extremely hard. It was an extraordinarily tough environment, but I believe that that has stood me in great stead now. I understand what hard work means. I understand the value of hard work and I wonder if that would be so ingrained in me had I not have spent that time there.

I was taught standards, manners and, essentially, teamwork.

Equally I had an incredibly tough rugby coach who further ingrained the value of team work. Looking back now, whilst I was never the captain of the rugby team, I was the go-to guy. The player that people wanted on their team because I could lift the team.

These people, like my rugby coach, who can lift people’s spirits and drive others are key to becoming successful. They strike a balance between being tough and working hard while supporting and encouraging. I have always found that I gravitate towards these people – people who challenge me but who I can learn incredible skills from.

From this, I have learned that people work much harder, just like I did in rugby, when you remind them how well they are doing.

Whilst a lot has changed in the years since school, ultimately I am still singing from the same hymn sheet as I was back in chorister school.

It is an extraordinary skill to be able to single out the people who are performing well and use that to lift a team, rather than criticising someone doing less well and using them as the example.

Who had the biggest influence on your life? Who do you learn from? I believe that we all have a story of someone who has impacted our lives and helped us become who we are today and I would love to hear yours.

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