8 December 2015

think faster

I was asked today by a great friend: “Why do you make everything yourself? You make your furniture, desks, products; literally everything.”

It is an interesting question and one that is asked of UKFast often. It isn’t necessarily more cost effective to work this way but there are three main reasons that spring to mind.

Speed – We build and create things faster – from idea right through to delivery.
Quality – We control the quality of everything we do and do not have to rely on a third party.
Common Sense – We make Britain stronger as all our profits are taxed in the UK.

I believe it’s time to take control of our own destiny and start buying British wherever we can. There is huge talent in the UK that we need to start making the most of. We need to inspire the next generation to create better businesses, better software, better people. A better Britain! We can’t rely on the government to do this for us, or blame them for things that we could change ourselves.

Think Faster.

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