11 December 2015

Today is one of my favourite days of the year: Friends and Family at UKFast.

Every year we invite the team’s nearest and dearest to the office for mulled wine, food cooked by our incredible chef, Ben, and we bring in a pianist to create an extra festive mood.

A few of the team have been wrapping presents all week for the ever-growing list of UKFast kids (and UKFast dogs too) which will be given out by Father Christmas’s elves tonight.

Looking back to UKFast’s early days, when the team was much younger, we just wanted to go out for a few beers and a takeaway, and that’s how we celebrated. Now that we’re all a bit older Friends and Family night has evolved into a real family affair. There are now almost 100 children here!

Instead of beer and dancing, tonight we’re ice skating in the car park, drinking mulled wine and singing along by the fire. It is honestly the magical moment enjoying Christmas with the whole team and the people important in their lives.

It’s my favourite day of the year. With that in mind, today’s blog is short and sweet so I can go enjoy the evening!

Remember, in the chaos of the Christmas build-up to spend precious time with the people who count.

xmas jumper

Merry Christmas from Team UKFast!

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