16 December 2015

Whilst I often talk about goal setting and how integral that is to achieving your potential, what I don’t often talk about is the journey to reaching those goals.


Imani and the DMSF young athletes: success doesn’t have an age limit!

The daughter of a friend of mine posted on social media yesterday that 3 + 6 = 9 but so does 4 + 5.

Diane Modahl’s daughter was the young lady who tweeted it; a family that is exceptionally driven and motivated. Her message simply says that there is more than one way to get to your final goal.

I like this way of thinking.

It is a little like the Earl Nightgale analogy I often use. Earl talks of a ship and how without a route, crew  and destination set, it wouldn’t leave the harbour. But he also speaks of that ship being blown off course and tackling currents, but still ultimately ending up in the right place.

Imagine going on a journey, you know exactly where you want to end up, you might deviate off course a little en route, but you still reach your destination. It shows the importance of the end destination and focussing on that point in the horizon.

In business, the end destination is for everyone and it’s essential to focus the entire team on where you want to go and what you want to achieve.

Ultimately, how you get there is almost irrelevant and you can’t over analyse the exact journey, especially before you have even set off.

So many businesses never get off the ground because people do so much preparation that they either miss the boat or talk themselves out of the opportunity.

If you overthink something and look at every pitfall and nuance, you create quite a scary perspective.

So whilst you may set out to make six in one go, you might end up reaching that total by two threes – but, ultimately, you’ve still hit your target!

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