17 December 2015

Today I was asked why I agreed to some of the UKFast team volunteering at a charity event for two days. The answer is simple.


Some of the UKFast team at the Mission Christmas warehouse.

There is an incredible value in opportunities for the team to get out of the office and spend time together, being challenged and out of their comfort zone. Be that climbing Mount Snowdon, or packing hundreds of toys – like today – for Key 103’s annual Mission Christmas campaign. In my mind, what better way to build a family culture than by coming together to put smiles on children’s’ faces this christmastime?

As naturally supportive people – as most of UKFast’s team are – it is the perfect way to help out a fantastic cause and make friends with people from different departments as well as different businesses across Manchester.

Visiting the Mission Christmas warehouse earlier today I couldn’t have been prouder of the guys down there.

Having been in the press a lot this week for our approach to looking after the team, I’ve also been asked why I built an ice rink in the car park and a beach in summer. The answer to that is simple too. The team deserve it.

The UKFast team is the business’s biggest asset – we couldn’t be the business we are without the amazing people who power it every single day – so why wouldn’t we go above and beyond to look after each and everyone of them?

Tonight we all head over to the cinema, where we’ve hired the Odeon’s biggest screen to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens with the whole team, friends and family. We’re putting on chef-cooked food, beer and transport over there to make sure everything is taken care of too. I’m looking forward to it.

With that in mind, my advice for today is “use the force”! Whether, like us, that force is a supportive gene, or something entirely different. Find out what your strength is and nurture it – that could be with volunteering opportunities or going on a team walk. Think different.

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