22 December 2015

“I wasn’t born with the best attributes. I was never the fastest or the strongest but I decided to be the most committed.” Kevin Sinfield, Leeds Rhinos.

Kevin Sinfield at this year's SPOTY

Image from Belfast Telegraph.

The retiring rugby captain led the Rhinos to their famous treble this year, and he was the first rugby league lad to be nominated for the coveted Sports Personality of the Year award. It was at that ceremony this week that Kevin said the above, and it really struck a chord.

I wasn’t necessarily the fittest or strongest in my rugby days; I was never the captain, but I was incredibly committed and focussed on leading the team to success. I was the go-to guy when anyone in the team needed supporting or motivating.

Whilst sport teaches us many traits that should be transferred into our personal and professional lives, I believe that this is one of the key things to remember.

Commitment is key to success in whatever you are doing. The fastest, strongest or most talented will not reach the level that you do if they don’t have the same level of commitment to achieving their goals.

It’s certainly something to remember looking into the new year as we all set our New Year’s resolutions for 2016.

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