30 December 2015

“What makes great sportspeople is that they work harder than everyone else and they want to continue to try and get better.” AP McCoy MBE.

ap mccoy

Image taken from @AP_McCoy

There is a lot to be said about the lessons that sport teaches us. Team work, commitment, resilience, competition, sportsmanship; to name just a few. All of these can be transferred over to business success.

AP McCoy is one of the greatest jockeys ever to have ridden – a 20-time champion, winning almost every prize there is and racing almost 18,000 races before retiring in April 2015.

It is an incredible story of persistence, resilience and tenacity that has ultimately paid huge dividends. Accepting his Lifetime Achievement Award at the Sports Personality of the Year Awards 2015, McCoy was asked his advice for aspiring sports people. He said: “Make the sacrifices, it is worth it.”

I would echo this advice for budding businesspeople. Make the sacrifices, live off porridge for a while, sit on beanbags and cut back until your business is cash-rich and able to afford the luxuries. Work hard, continue to try to be better. That’s how we grew UKFast and how we continue to work.

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