31 December 2015

As Big Ben rings in the start of the new year, my wife Gail and I will be sticking to our usual tradition; looking at the year gone by and being incredibly grateful for our health, family and friends.

It is also the perfect time to see how we have done with the goals we set at 12 months ago.Lawrence Jones MBE family

There have been some amazing moments looking at our goal books. One year, Gail decided to set the goal of a weekend in Rome, whereas I wanted to head to Amsterdam for the weekend. In the essence of time-saving I simply wrote ‘weekend away Rome + Amsterdam’ in the notebook.

Later in the new year, Gail booked us a weekend in Rome. We headed over there on a private jet to a beautiful hotel, ready to relax and enjoy the amazing location. However, when we arrived, there was a protest and hundreds of people had descended on the place, it was loud, rowdy and completely not what we expected.

Gail got straight onto the phone to the pilot and asked him to pick us up. En route, we regaled the story to the pilot, describing our disappointment at a wasted weekend away. He offered to drop us somewhere else to try to salvage our break – guess where he was flying to? Amsterdam! Our written goal literally came true – a weekend away in both Rome and Amsterdam.

On the one hand you could call this coincidence; for me, I think it is something more. You never know what will come of the goals you write down, especially when you write them differently to how you mean to!

Looking back, it is exactly a year since I was on the New Year’s Honours list, when I discovered that I would become an MBE for services to the digital economy. Such a surprise and an honour. We also have another daughter on the way – that’s four girls in my household now, plus Gail; I am well and truly outnumbered!

So as we head into 2016, and back to square one, be grateful, set your goals and write them down! If you find yourself struggling to stick to them along the way, let me know and I will help however I can.

Happy New Year.

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