6 January 2016

I am often asked what the secret is to running a successful business and being wealthy. Whilst, undoubtedly, UKFast and myself as a businessman are far from the finished article and we are only a short way along the road to success, I think we first must look at what wealthy means.Lawrence Jones

Many people assume that true wealth is making £1million. That once you are a millionaire you have ‘made it’.

However, for me, wealth comes from truly helping people. I believe that the wealthiest people are those surrounded by family and friends, knowing they have done all they can to help others and make a difference in the world. No amount of money will ever keep you as motivated as helping others to achieve their dreams and goals.

Based on the previous occasions that I have mentioned this topic, I anticipate comments along the lines of ‘it is easy for me to say’ being in the position that I find myself today. But it has not always been this way. I started from humble beginnings and, along with my wife Gail, worked hard to achieve our goals, just as we continue to do so today.

Now, the times that I feel the most grateful and like the richest man in the world are the times that I am with my three daughters, soon to be four, my wife and my family.

It is certainly something to think about as you embark on setting and reaching your goals for the year ahead.

How do you measure wealth?

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