7 January 2016

You’re a small business seeking investment; naturally you want to be in London, right?

Well, I was fascinated to read recently that Manchester is ahead of the capital in the eyes of private equity investors.economy

The article, featured in the Financial Times this week, highlighted how rare Manchester is as a regional British city with a cluster of funds based in the area.

I have long said that Manchester is the place to start a business. It is fantastic that national eyes are finally starting to see this now too.

Not only are there these rare clusters of investment opportunities, there is also an incredible sense of community. UKFast has grown thanks to the amazing business community in the North West and now we are doing what we can to repay that help with our auditorium, events and business support.

I hope to see more news like this is in the big national papers. Whilst London is our country’s hot-spot and an incredible place to grow a business and learn from other entrepreneurs, it is quite saturated so encouraging regional development like this can only be a good thing.

Additionally, highlighting to small businesses that there are investment opportunities outside of the capital enables them to set up in areas with lower rents, and more space and, helping to create new communities.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this – is London the heart of business or are we seeing more locations competing now?

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