13 January 2016

As anyone who’s read my blog before will know, the benefits of fitness are immeasurable; to put it simply, your body and mind improve and this improvement brings infinite possibilities in both your work and home lives.

ukfast netball team this girl can

The UKFast and Furious Netball Team at the Manchester Girls Can tournament.

But, as you might have experienced, particularly at this time of year, trying to get to the gym is often the hardest part of beginning to look after your body. Whilst the goal and willing are there, it’s the barriers before getting in the gym – finding the time, parking, membership, a feeling of embarrassment – which make an already difficult mental battle practically unwinnable.

That’s why, I was heartened to see the launch of the #ThisGirlCan initiative. Remarkably, the campaign has been running for a year now and we’ve certainly seen more of our female team members motivated to get active. A key example of this was our netball team’s victory in the Manchester Girls Can netball tournament last year, part of the #ThisGirlCan campaign.

That being said, at UKFast, we’ve made it as easy as possible to include fitness as part of the daily routine by building a fully equipped gym inside the office and we’ve launched fitness clubs for running, spinning, yoga, and kettle bells to name a few.  In fact, there’s not a day goes by without a fitness class or team activity at lunch time – all arranged and led by the members of our team.

Our running club, which has evolved greatly in the last few years, has seen lots of staff fit a workout seamlessly into their work day, and we’re building new routes into our daily runs so that all levels of ability reach their goals.

The #ThisGirlCan campaign is clearly making a positive impact on the perception of gyms as the mothership of only extremely fit people, and encouraging more people to get moving, but I would love to see more of the same. This girl can, so can this boy, so can this mum, so can this dad. We need to do more to encourage people – rather than relying on these big campaigns.

I believe that it’s our role as business leaders to help our teams stay fit and healthy, rather than sitting at a desk all day. What could you do to get your team moving? How could you make the day-to-day of your office more active?

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