15 January 2016

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Have you ever stopped yourself from doing something? We all have at some point in our lives.

Imagine what you could achieve if you just went for it!

We talk ourselves out of so many amazing opportunities, giving up at the first obstacle. In my opinion it is the crazy ideas with big challenges that make the best memories and experiences.

It would have been easy back in the very early days of UKFast to decide that it would be too difficult or that there were too many competitors in the market but we knew that we could offer something different and we went for it.

On a smaller, personal scale, last week in Verbier we had a whole day of skiing planned. The day before, the weather had been incredible! Fresh powder, sun shining and crisp, fresh air. That following morning was a different story! The snow came in, so much so that the lifts closed. Complete whiteout.

Of course, we were disappointed but didn’t let that stop us. Instead we swapped ski boots for snow boots and headed up the mountain on foot for a vin chaud. It was an incredible day. The snow and views were unreal. Walking through the trees with no one else around but us, it was magical and a memory that I will treasure. A memory that I wouldn’t have had we given up at the lift closure.

Ultimately life is what you make it. What will you achieve this weekend if you go for it?

white out verbier switzerland

Walking up the mountain in a whiteout – nothing stopping us!

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