19 January 2016

“Nothing is ever black and white. The opportunity is hidden in the grey matter.”Grey Matter Lawrence Jones MBE quote

I shared this quote on social media last week. It is a quote from December last year when I was travelling home from Switzerland looking out of the window at the clouds thinking about one thing or another. It is easy to become lost in your thoughts looking out at the vast sky and clouds beneath.

Whilst I am sure that the quote doesn’t need explaining, there is much more hidden between the lines of this.

On the one hand, you could understand this as reading between the lines, yet, on the other, as I continue to develop, I learn more yet understand less about why our brains – the real grey matter – are so powerful and instrumental in mapping out every detail of our lives.

Your thoughts can springboard an idea, but can also instantly shut it down. They can motivate you and stop you in your tracks.

It is up to you to control your mindset, to focus and remove distractions. We literally are a sum total of our thoughts.

Go find the opportunity!

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