20 January 2016

It’s not what you know, it’s who. Right?

I’ve heard this phrase so many times. So much so that it’s almost become an excuse not to try. Lj ecopmmerce live uk

If you’re not already connected you have no chance! If you don’t already have an ‘in’ you’ll always be ‘out’. Wrong!

When I was 16, I moved to Manchester to start my own path. I didn’t know anyone. When you look at some of the country’s most successful entrepreneurs, they have the same tale to tell and it hasn’t held them back.

It’s up to you to cast the net, to make the effort to meet people. To go to networking events, to reach out to new people and to make friends.

Facilitating this is one of the reasons I chose to build an auditorium at UKFast Campus and provide the space for free use. We’ve had more than 100 events there over the past year, bringing together charities, businesses, startups and budding entrepreneurs to collaborate, share and make friends.

I also believe that it is the responsibility of established entrepreneurs to get out there and meet the newcomers. It is incredible what can be learned from people who have ‘been there and done that’.

This thirst for meeting new people and learning from them has led me all over the world, to meet some of the world’s biggest business leaders and greatest thinkers like Richard Branson and Tony Robbins; as well as some of the most exciting startups and growing businesses like Chris at Jigsaw Medical and Dan at Approved Food.

These people become great friends along the way. I continue to meet new people every day, whether that’s face to face or via social media.

So my thought for today is who could you go out there and meet? How could you help someone by making friends with them? Let’s get out there, get to know people and see where it takes us.

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