21 January 2016

When you set a goal, how do you do it? Are you distracted by the how? The when?

I have said before that children are the best at goal-setting because they never consider the logistics, they just know what they’re aiming for. jj

As adults we lose this. If I told you I was aiming for a space rocket submarine with a swimming pool you’d never believe me because the path to achieving that seems so complex.

Back when we started UKFast, no one believed what we were aiming for back then. How could two people with no previous tech knowledge grow a business to rival the massive firms already in the market? We didn’t know how, but we stuck with the goal. We stayed focussed on that point on the horizon.

Focussing on the how, looking down at the path rather than ahead at the destination, it is easy to become distracted or stumble over hurdles and obstacles. It is also easier to give up when that path becomes blocked or you need to take a diversion.

Much like a ship or a plane, there are many different routes to achieving your a goal. When bad weather causes turbulence, a plane will divert a little to continue to it destination; this is how it should be when reaching goals.

Personally, I have always been surprised by how some goals happen without even considering the past. Some time ago, I set a goal to potentially study. I had thought about Harvard or Boston perhaps, but I’ve never been one of the most academically minded people.

I never put the wheels in motion or considered how I would just achieve, yet this week, I was awarded an Honorary Business Doctorate from Manchester Metropolitan University – reaching my goal!

I have been a student of business for more than 30 years so maybe it is time I graduated!

Ultimately you never know what is over the next hill or around the next corner – even satnavs get that wrong – but that point on the horizon will keep you focussed. Looking down, only focussing on the path getting you there, you can easily become lost along the way and forget where you are going.

Invariably, it all comes down to resilience, removing distractions and keeping your focus on that point on the horizon.

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