26 January 2016

Have you ever said ‘it’s not meant to be’ or ‘whatever will be, will be’?Shakespeare quote

Whilst that is a great way to make peace with something out of your control, isn’t it better to take control? If you can influence what will be, why don’t you?

All too often I see people rest on their laurels, sit back and let fate take its course, when, if they stepped in, that path could change for the better.

This applies to being a business leader and employer – do you leave your employee’s destiny to play out or do you step in and help them to take control of it, ensuring that they are engaged and getting the most out of their time at work?

I asked this question recently – one of our longest-standing employees has always come to me when he is no longer feels challenged, so that we can reassess and find him a new challenge task? to master. This has meant that he’s been with the company for 16 years now – he was our first ever team member.

On the one hand, I could have left him to it. I could have left him to find his own way, but would he have grown into the incredible technician he is today if he had remained in the same place? In nature, you’re growing or you’re dying. It’s as simple as that. Sometimes, people just need a little help along the way and, as an employer, I believe that it’s your responsibility to do just that.

As an entrepreneur, I think taking control of your own fate comes naturally. As Shakespeare said: “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”

Take control of your own destiny.

I’d love to know what you think.

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