27 January 2016

We’ve joked for some time that our apprenticeship scheme is like an actual ship. Once you’re on board you’re on a journey to an amazing place!

Sax and Arlene

Sax and Arlene our training legends!

Since our scheme first set sail in 2013, we’ve committed to helping these young people grow and paying them a fair wage for the work and development they do. We’ve seen our young men grow into a fully-fledged support team. Our maintenance apprentices took on the challenge of joining our building team in Verbier to help with the Farinet revamp.

Chloe, our customer service apprentice, has completely transformed. It’s been extraordinary to watch her grow into an incredible asset to the team, and, a wonderful young lady.

Last night, two of our training and development team headed down to London to represent UKFast as we were announced as one of the Top 100 Apprenticeship Providers in the UK.

It truly is an incredible honour and I am proud to have been listed in the top 100 for the past few years. More importantly, I am excited to see our apprenticeship programme grow and develop in that time too.

Notably, most of our applicants for the apprenticeship scheme are male – we have significantly less female applicants. I was chatting with an engineering firm the other day and they told me that they’d never had a female applicant for one of their apprenticeship schemes! Not one!

We’re making it our duty to change that!

If you’re thinking of hiring apprentices, come along to UKFast Campus tomorrow to meet with a panel of apprenticeship experts and get your essential toolkit. Find out more on our events page.

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