29 January 2016

apprentices at UKFast

The UKFast apprentice class off 2014 is now flourishing in roles within the business.

It’s funny how a change in circumstances often makes you change your plans. We have already committed to taking on 18 apprentices this year but today I committed to taking on more than double that in light of the developing situation with Bright Future.

Who are the most valuable people in our society? In my opinion, it’s our young people.

Those teenagers coming out of school and college, deciding the next step in their career and how they become our country’s leaders of the future. That’s why, as the current generation of people who can make a difference, we should be doing all we can to help the younger generation flourish.

There is a general awareness in the Manchester area that apprentice providers can no longer put profit above the wellbeing of their young people. To leave these kids unpaid and demotivated is extremely dangerous. They’re at an extraordinarily important stage in their development where, aside from the technical skills in the apprenticeship programmes, they’re learning the life skills that set them up for the rest of their lives.

Today, the Manchester Evening News reported that apprenticeship provider Bright Future has made no redundancies, but that they have asked their team not to come in because of cash flow issues.

An employee told the paper: “They have not been given anything in writing. Some staff are returning to clean up and do the admin. They didn’t give any information, just said there were some issues.
“There were a lot of people in tears. Senior people were crying saying how are they going to pay rent. They have been told not to return until they receive an email.”
I can’t imagine how those young people are feeling right now, being told to collect their stuff, leave their desks and see the doors locked behind them.

We’re holding a ‘careers fair’ to offer real-world advice on what your next steps should be if you’ve been affected by the ongoing events at Bright Futures or by a less-than-effective apprenticeship programme. We’ll go through your psychometric profile, discover your passions and try our best to help you with your next steps. We’re offering real life career advice and the opportunity to connect with other businesses willing to help.

If you need our help, we’re here for you.

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