2 February 2016

Speed is the difference between success and failure for businesses online.

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Sharing our ecommerce experience at an event last year – think faster!

It’s this unknown quantity where people can fall down. Whilst you can build a beautiful website that looks great and you can have the perfect product with efficient delivery, none of that matters so much when people are tired of waiting for a slow site.

A slow site, that takes seconds to load, completely undermines all of the other good work – putting speed as one of the absolutely crucial aspects of any online business makes perfect sense.

We’ve all done it. We type a search term into Google, click on the link and before five seconds has passed, we’re clicking back to try another site. You never get a second chance to make a first, fast impression.

I have seen time and again that people think they’re saving money with second-rate hosting but ultimately it’s a false economy.

If you’re a business online, putting huge resources into your digital marketing and Adwords, and your site is too slow for your users, you are likely to be pouring those resources down the drain.

We’ve spent years investigating this. We brought the concept of Google rankings being affected by speed to Google back in the early 00s. Now, it is more crucial than ever. Would you wait more than a matter of milliseconds for a page to load, or would you move onto a site that you know is faster?

Google has worked out that fast sites keep people engaged longer and that people bounce off slow sites, they get bored and click away or go and do something else. Google wants to keep people engaged online. They have focussed on writing fast, optimised code.

It’s not just the speed of a webpage that counts though. Speed is important right across the delivery of experience. From landing on the website, to browsing pages, to checkout to delivery, it should all be as fast as it can be – especially support!

Even a phone number on a website should be answered fast. We aim for three rings at a maximum.
In a world where everything is on demand, it is essential that whatever you deliver, deliver it as quickly and efficiently as you can.

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