5 February 2016

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Discussing Approved Food at a recent business event.

As a businessman I have often talked about the importance of engaging with other business owners. It is great, and an essential part of being an entrepreneur, to learn from people who are committed to making a difference and invested in educating others.

Dan Cluderay, Founder of Approved Food, is not just a client but a good friend. I met Dan a few years ago and I have always been inspired by his passion. I went to visit the Approved Food warehouse late last year and I was amazed by some of the technologies and processes that Dan and the team are using.

It is great to see how passion can filter through a business and Dan brings that to all elements of his work.

Approved Food is a simple but effective business idea and, through innovation, Dan has achieved great things – this is reflected is his website, his warehouse and his presence in the wider community.

The latest is a campaign you may have seen across social media #PerfectlyGood, which has been set up by Dan to educate the nation about food wastage and, in the process, save Britain up to £50m.

By understanding the difference between ‘use by’ date and ‘best before’ date, people can save huge amounts of money on food and avoid throwing groceries away unnecessarily.

Whilst ‘use by’ date is a measurement of safe consumption, ‘best before’ is more subjective and just means food may have passed its best. This fantastic campaign is aimed at making people aware that often the food you throw out is actually #PerfectlyGood!

It astounds me to hear just how much food we are wasting as a nation. Through supply chains and lack of education from consumers about these discrepancies we waste up to 15 million tonnes of food a year! This is a staggering figure and something that we can certainly help to improve.

I believe as a leader and a business owner it is our duty to educate and inspire other people to make a change and I am fully behind Dan and Approved Food’s mission!

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