9 February 2016

How do we make Manchester the greatest tech city in the world if we’re all sitting behind a computer screen all day, every day?

I believe that to be the greatest, we have to get off our seats, get out there and get our hearts racing. We need to set ourselves challenges, work in teams and strive towards seemingly impossible goals.

When I look back one of the most successful periods of the UKFast journey was when I was at the Midland gym every single morning running 10k. It gave me focus; it always has done, from the days of climbing mountains and playing rugby back in Wales.

This is why I am incredibly proud to be sponsoring the Sports Tour International We Love Manchester 10k and Salford 10k for the coming years.

I spoke at the launch event, at which we were joined by legendary runner Ron Hill MBE, about the links between sport and business. Considering our mission to make Manchester the greatest, and the conversations I have had on here recently about the links between sport and the commercial world, I think now is a good time to share the below video.

I’d love to know what you think.




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