10 February 2016

What’s the most important part of your business?

Is it your product line? Is it your office space? For me, by a country mile, it is the people.LJ  IIP NW

Team UKFast is an incredible group of people, which is why I am extraordinarily proud to share that UKFast is now accredited with Investors in People – at the gold standard.

This gold standard sits us in the top 7% of accredited organisation across the country.

It is a real honour to have our investment of time, energy, resource and, of course, actual monetary investment recognised and be ranked so highly.

It is said that in nature everything is either growing or dying – it’s the same with people. People are developing and thriving, or hit a wall and are wilting. With our UKFast University, as a Pearson Vue testing centre (the only one of its kind in the country) and as the only LPIC testing centre in the North; we’ve set our sights on helping our team to continually evolve and develop.

There’s no sitting on laurels now though, the workplace is ever-changing, as are the demands of our clients. As the internet landscape continues to change, so will we to ensure that we have the latest skills that our customers need. It makes perfect sense to invest in a team – it means both happy team and happy clients!

Whether by accident or by design, we have struck gold with our training and education team. Personally I believe it’s down to the design of two incredible people who I must thank for all they do at UKFast and for their roles in this accreditation – Aaron and Arlene. Our teachers, in less than three years, have transformed development at UKFast and have set the bar for the interaction between businesses and education providers.

I look forward to the next time we’re surveyed for accreditation in a few years – if we’ve come this far in three years, I can’t imagine where we’ll be in another three.

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