23 February 2016

I believe that we should be staying in the EU.

I don’t believe that we need this huge distraction from continuing to grow the economy; we don’t need to be spending time and energy worrying what that could mean for our businesses.eu

That energy and effort could instead be focussed on how to grow business and how to boost an economy that is only recently showing shoots of growth. Instead, we’re seeing the pound tumbling in reaction to each new announcement! It’s ludicrous!

We forget how easy it is to travel around the EU – we take it for granted. Imagine having to apply for a visa to travel to each country! There’d be no train-hopping across Europe over to Italy. Currently it is incredibly easy to set up a business overseas within the EU, and we can recruit easily for these businesses too; just as it is easy to be employed or retire over there, if you feel like a change of scenery.

It’s an amazing situation to be in. Yes, there are regulations and rules to obey, but none that compare to the complexities that would be in place if we were no longer part of this union.

It’s not just about difficulties with travel that concern me; it’s about interactions and business with these countries. Why would they offer better trade deals than they do now? If anything, when you leave a club, the people in that club will gather and talk without you, and I would fully expect make it more difficult for you.

I honestly think that people are also forgetting the freedom and benefits that we have as businesspeople to deal and trade with anyone in EU. We have direct access to 500 million people.

I don’t however agree with the scaremongering around jobs. I don’t see that it will immediately threaten any jobs. There will be no knee-jerk reaction like that but it will stem the flow of businesses setting up here and SMEs to enter wider environments. Adding more barriers to trade will only increase the cost and difficulty level for small businesses who have enough challenges ahead of them already.

It is essential to vote positively. The government is doing a great job at the moment in key areas, we have a great economy again. We need that positive reputation to continue globally. You can see very clearly at the moment with the pound slipping, the global community doesn’t want us to leave the EU. It’s a risk and there’s no room for risk like this in the current economic climate.

Let’s stay in the? EU. Let’s enjoy the benefits of this new agreement, rather than causing disruption and distraction. Let’s build on what we have and make it better.

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