29 February 2016

Something a little different for the blog today. One of our comms team came to me with a post that she’d written following last week’s Best Companies announcement and I’d like to share that as today’s Thought for the Day, so now, I hand over to Alice.


The team at the Best Companies event last week.

It is an incredible feeling to walk into work first thing on a Monday and be greeted by a hundred or more happy faces. I’m not sure that the UKFast Team has heard of the Monday blues; it’s simply not a concept on our radar!

This morning I walked in, feeling somewhat groggy after a weekend dominated by a persistent, sleep-depriving cough. It took 20 seconds within walking through the door to feel better. I was greeted by at least six people on the short walk through reception and up the stairs to the second floor – the Creative Zone – all with a cheery greeting.

Our desks are pink. It’s my favourite colour and something I’ve made no secret of. So, when we moved into the new office a couple of years back, I was delighted to see that Lawrence, Joe and the builders had picked up on this and created the loveliest pink desk area possible.

Last week, we placed 33rd in The Sunday Times Best Small Companies list. It’s a lovely achievement but I don’t understand how we’re not number one!

In all honesty, it would be hard for me to adequately express the astonishing journey that I have been on in the 5 years that I have been part of the UKFast Family (this year is my fifth here, which means I will receive a cheque for £1,000 at this year’s Christmas party!).

Looking back, not only have I grown professionally in that time, but personally too. There are endless opportunities here to grow and develop – loads of training and the chance to share your skills too – they say that teaching is the best way to apply your knowledge. I’m holding lunchtime shorthand training sessions at the UKFast University with the comms team.
Aside from that, the experiences and memories that I have made here rival even the most amazing of workplaces.

Who can say that, thanks to their employer, they have been to the Royal Variety performance (mere feet from One Direction!), been taught how to ski in one of the world’s most luxurious ski resorts, spent the day on a beach in the office car park or been to the zoo after-hours with all of their colleagues and friends and family?

Never mind having the whole department themed around your favourite colour! And, whilst this all sounds amazing, it isn’t these experiences that I value most – it is the fact that I can come into work and be myself.

I can have fun and, more often than not, spend the majority of my working day laughing. I can progress and evolve. I can speak openly with the CEO, MD or board, as well as team leaders and managers, which is a big deal for someone like me who appreciates transparency and honesty.

Most of all though, my colleagues aren’t colleagues, they’re friends. I think it’s a really special place to work and you just have to look at my twitter feed to see why!

I just wanted to write this down to set the record straight and warn the list that next year, we’re coming for the number one spot!

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