1 March 2016

I love Oscar Wilde’s quote, “I can resist everything but temptation.”
Success is easy when you focus. success quote
Removing distractions is one of the most essential lessons that I have learned in business. It is all too easy to become swamped in the small issues that shout the loudest – these are the most tempting to fix. A quick task ticked off the list.

Email is a prime example of this. I shudder to think of just how much time and energy I would waste if I tackled every single email that landed in my inbox each day. I would achieve nothing else, other than an empty inbox.

Taking time out, which I recommend, is part of the formula that allows you to step back and assess what the distractions are and where your focus should be. Sometimes we forget which point on the horizon we are aiming for and need to stop, check the map and realign our course.

Ultimately, you need to find your winning formula and stick to it. Mine includes huge amounts of sport, regular time out and healthy eating (no milk or wheat).

When I look back on one of the most successful periods at UKFast, I was running 10km every day, regularly playing squash and always taking time out to climb the mountains. When was the last time you left your desk, or even your office for that matter? It is important to check in and ask these questions regularly before cabin fever becomes the ultimate distraction!

I believe that staying fit is extraordinarily important if you want to stay focussed for prolonged periods of time. There is a lot that we can learn from sport and fitness when it comes to focus, from the incremental 1% changes of the British Cycling team to the determination of leaders like Sir Alex Ferguson.

How does that translate to your business? Simple. Find a formula that supports you and builds you stronger day by day and remove any distractions outside of that. Build this formula into a habit and it becomes part of your natural routine.

What’s part of your perfect formula?

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