4 March 2016

Do you feel appreciated in your work?

employee appreciation day

Tim enjoying his Hook A Duck victory!

I believe that ensuring your team is feeling appreciated is one of the most important parts of leading a business and being a manager.

A business’s team is its greatest asset. I know that is true at UKFast. So, today, as it is Employee Appreciation Day, we’ve decided to put on a special event to say thank you – not that we usually need an excuse to celebrate with the team!

This afternoon, our bar and events space – usually host to weekly Beer Friday at 4.30pm – has been transformed into a Spring Fair.

Unfortunately the weather outside didn’t get the memo and it has snowed all day! Luckily most of our fair is inside and the weather has meant that we’re able to incorporate a snowman building competition too!

Inside, we have everything from a hot dog cart, candy floss machine and cupcakes, to a tug o’ war, beanbag challenge and photobooth.

A huge thank you must go to the girls who organised the whole day – thank you Lou and Lowri, you did an incredible job.

Of course, the whole reason behind today, I must say the biggest thank you to the UKFast team. We’ve been on an incredible journey together so far and I am excited to see what the future holds!

I hope you enjoy the fair!

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