10 March 2016

It absolutely fascinates me to hear that MPs have dropped plans to change Sunday trading laws.Great Britain houses of parliament

In a world where anything is accessible 24/7 online, surely extending the flexibility of Sunday trading would level the playing field for bricks and mortar businesses struggling to compete with the always on-demand nature of ecommerce?

Equally, while unemployment may be at a 10-year low, there are still around 1.68 million people in the UK who are out of work. Surely creating the opportunity for businesses to trade longer hours would provide more opportunity to create jobs too?

I don’t think that there a place for these restrictions in this day and age. In Switzerland, for example, the laws there are very extreme; you can’t mow a lawn on a Sunday and you are arrested for working as a builder or painter or manual work at the weekend. I speak from experience on this having had to work within these restrictions with Le Farinet!

I have to ask, why should people who aren’t religious be affected by something that they don’t believe in? Ultimately that is where the day of rest on a Sunday began.

I can’t understand MP David Burrowes’ comments saying that this is a relief for small businesses – surely having more time to trade is a good thing? We all work different hours but in the internet age, the need to provide a service 24/7 is greater than ever.

If you allow a company to trade or a person to work in any business on a Sunday, you should let them all work at any time. It should be their choice, ultimately.

This is clearly a contentious issue and has caused a lot of commotion. I’d love to know what you think. Would relaxing the rules help businesses? Would you prefer the limitations to stay?

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