11 March 2016

I posted this quote some time ago on Facebook but it has come back to me with even more relevance today.
Last night, we were delighted to win the Employer of the Year award at the NW Business Desk Business Masters awards. As we were recognised for our multi-million pound training and education centre, trips to Switzerland and Las Vegas and, of course, the car park beach; I was brought back to the early days.

Back then, we didn’t have the resources and nowhere near the budget to do any of these activities which meant that we had to be incredibly creative.

What motivates people? What do people want from their workplace? How do we provide the best workplace on the lowest budget while building an extraordinary business?

It was back at this time that we created our core values; the most important part of the UKFast culture and something that has run through every area of the business every day since their creation.

Back then, we looked to successful entrepreneurs to learn what we could from them; we also adopted our upside-down management structure and we set the precedent of no manager looking after no more than six people per team. These are some of the aspects of why we are a great workplace today and they were all bred from times of scarce resource.

Sometimes it pays incredible dividends to move away from budgets and from screens, and taking a notepad and pencil. Step away with nothing else and see what happens.

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