29 March 2016


With my daughters having a breakfast at Disneyland with a special guest. This Donald certainly has more sense than the one running for president!

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” Walt Disney.

How are you feeling after the Bank Holiday? Productive?

I’ve been talking with the team a lot about productivity lately, as you may know from yesterday’s Thought for the Day. Today, this is especially relevant; it is all too easy to lose momentum after a long weekend.

On the one hand, taking time to rest is incredibly important as this is when we contemplate, engage and prepare for what’s to come, but, on the other it can be a challenge to jump straight back into the momentum you had before the break.

Additionally, even without the distraction of a long weekend, often we’re caught in the cycle of talking about how much we have to do and how busy we are. Ironically, we’re adding to that workload by spending so much time talking about it while the jobs build up. The sooner you work your way through your task list, the sooner you’ll be less busy – or at least manageably busy!

How do you rebuild that momentum?

I am a big fan of the legacy that Walt Disney has left in business. Aside from creating magical worlds for children, Disney also creates extraordinary motivational lessons and messages for adults. Buzz Lightyear’s ‘To Infinity and Beyond’ is my favourite example of this.

Disney also said: “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

It’s as simple as that; there is no magic trick. Get straight back into it. Eat that frog!

How have you found the return to the office?

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