31 March 2016

I was incredibly disappointed to read recently that a commission has reported that apprenticeships are failing young people.UKFast Apprentice

The Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission says that apprentice enrollments are flatlining.

Whilst I appreciate that much more needs to be done to boost the reputation of apprenticeships, – how can issuing something so negative be of help to changing people’s attitudes?

University is no longer the default option for school leavers, now these ambitious young people are coming straight into the workplace and are eager to learn and develop, and are incredibly receptive to pace and culture. Apprenticeships are providing this alternative route.

Since launching our apprenticeship scheme back in 2013, we’ve seen a 100% employment rate upon completion of the programme and some of our technical apprentices are now managing the support for some of our biggest clients.

We recently employed 26 apprentices in one day, having seen the effects of the Bright Future closure, doubling our original intake plan for the year. But it’s certainly not just about numbers and growing the team; it’s about helping to develop the next generation of technical engineers and innovators. This is where business responsibility comes in.

Whilst the government is pushing for more apprenticeships, it is ultimately left to us business leaders to provide apprenticeship schemes, workplaces and programmes that transform what was once an “option for other people’s children” into a career path for families to be proud of.

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