7 April 2016

“You know you’re on the road to success if you would do your job and not be paid for it.” – Oprah Winfrey

UKFast team

Some of the UKFast team during Beach Week 2015.

How much of your time in the office do you spend playing ping pong or taking a little nap?
Before you laugh and tell me you never have time to leave your desk, hear me out; it could help you become more successful.
At UKFast, some of the team’s best ideas have popped up during a game of pool.

Whilst I am a proud champion of the way we do things in Britain, of our creativity and resilience, it’s undeniable that low productivity has long been an issue for British industries and business leaders.

It’s a problem that I think is all too often addressed with the wrong solutions. More time behind a desk, more pressure or more money don’t always mean more success.

I make no secret of the fact that I consider my team to be the driving force behind the success of UKFast. They come in every day, work hard to keep our business going strong and come up with new ideas to improve it. They’re at the coalface, helping our clients to grow too.

It’s extraordinarily important to me that, while doing all of this, they are also able to have fun. I don’t want the reason they come to work every day just to be to earn their wage. The reason why is a business no-brainer: happy employees lead to happy clients. When you’re happy and passionate, you give your all and it’s contagious.

With an on-site gym and crèche, a bar and a Japanese water garden on the second floor, we’ve set out to create a work environment that is a little different from most workplaces and hopefully encourages everyone to feel relaxed and take some fun breaks away from their computer.

It has an undeniable impact. You can feel it as soon as you walk into UKFast Campus. It’s homely, it’s fun and it’s vibrant. Don’t be surprised to see people walking around in socks or slippers, toddlers and babies being passed around for cuddles or dogs hiding under desks. Our office is a home from home and that’s how it should be.

But I also know that it takes more than just a fancy office space to make a happy team. Teams need to feel appreciated at work, by having a strong culture of rewards and opportunities in place.

We’d always focussed on commission structures and rewards, until I learned that this isn’t enough. People need to feel like they are growing and developing, which is why all members of the team are able to train or upskill at our in-house training and education centre.

This means they get to work towards achieving further qualifications, while becoming more skilled and confident in their role at the same time. It’s a win-win situation.

Creating a successful business isn’t just about setting goals and targets; it’s about making everyone feel an essential part of the team.

At the end of the day, I want everyone to enjoy their job as much as I enjoy mine. I love walking around our campus on a Monday morning knowing that the team is excited about their working week ahead. Although, of course, I will happily continue paying them aswell!

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