11 April 2016

It was Bruce Lee that said: “The successful warrior is the average man with laser-like focus.”

What a man to attest to the value of focus! focus

He’s right. Focus is what sets us apart from others. Focus is what helps us channel our energy – whether that’s into martial arts or business.

Not a day goes by without someone on social media asking for my advice on growing a business and all too often these people don’t have a plan in place, haven’t set goals and have no idea of what their future looks like.

I have also seen it at events where entrepreneurs are pitching for funding for their startups – explaining how they are to make millions of pounds, but that’s their only goal. Focussing on the end result won’t get you there; the milestones along the way will. The end goal can often, ironically, cause a distraction!

It is essential in both life and business to set your goal, layout the route to it and focus on that path. Enjoy the journey, stay on course, but still be realistic about blowing off course every now and then.

Are you focussed? Have you set a goal to focus on?

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