18 April 2016

I am often asked for business advice on social media. One of the questions that pops up most frequently is asking for advice on marketing. So, here is the answer to that question: how do you market your business?twitter

Marketing and PR are incredibly important in business, especially in the early days. As a startup, how do you let people know that you exist, never mind about your latest product offering?

Nowadays, at UKFast, we have spread our net much wider and we work hard to build a community, but many of the rules from the early days still apply.

Word of mouth figures very highly in our priorities and we have almost reverted back to, dare I say it, a more traditional approach: Building our reputation through events, round tables, white papers and social media.

There is no stronger marketing than word of mouth.

Think about it: would you choose a business that you found on Google over a business that a trusted friend has recommended to you?

But, there is no one thing that works alone. In the modern marketplace there are so many avenues for word of mouth and so many conversations to be part of, it can become overwhelming.

My advice in this situation is just to get stuck in – you can’t be part of a conversation if you’re on the outside of it. If it seems overwhelming, choose a social platform and focus on building your audience in the one space before branching out and spreading yourself too thinly. Choose the top priority event or exhibition and run with that until you’ve mastered it, then move onwards and upwards.

Be intelligent. Spend within your budget and use the free avenues where you can. Twitter is an incredible, organic marketing outlet for example. Whatever you do, keep moving, keep evaluating and keep your messaging fresh and recognisable.

There was an era, when Google Adwords was so effective we literally struggled to keep up with the demand. Everyone had taken to the internet to research their suppliers and look for savings and they were the internet’s best kept secret.

But not everything lasts forever and now Google are a victim of their own success, or rather we are.

Nowadays, more and more businesses are paying for the same key words. Essentially it’s impossible to keep everyone happy. Google took their eye off their cash flow. Nowadays, Google is a shadow of its former self.
Two things have happened to impact on that brilliant era. People are using the internet very differently these days. There are comparison sites and people use Google less now, as they know where they are going. Apps have created easy ways to obtain information and have also steered a huge amount of traffic away from the internet giant.

Building a long term relationship with new clients takes time and I am a great believer in trying lots of new avenues, always searching for the next tipping point.

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