21 April 2016

As a business leader, it is natural and necessary to look to other businesses for inspiration, to follow and to learn from.lawrencejones

I have always kept my eye on market leaders – not specifically in technology or the hosting market, but companies who stand out, who do things differently. I also always have an eye on our competitors, although it is essential to follow your heart and your path, not your competitors.

Singling out a business from these, one that I admire the most, is hard. It’s a difficult question to answer and, however hard I look, there is no one business that has it all.

There are some companies that treat people well but then they don’t pay their taxes. There are others who pay their taxes, but don’t treat people well.

If I were to narrow the list, I have to highlight Red Bull for their daring approach and top trumping the master Richard Branson with Felix Baumgartner throwing himself from the edges of the earth’s atmosphere.

Red Bull have taken adrenalin and sport and attached it to an unhealthy sugary drink with artificial stimulants. Genius.

Their campaigns and brand persona are so completely out of the box that it works.

Ultimately, though, there’s no one brand who has it all and there’s no entrepreneur with all the answers. That’s what I love about business. It’s the ultimate challenge.

I’d love to think we’ve taken the best from everyone that’s impressed us and genuinely created something unique, special and hopefully lasting in UKFast.

Who inspires you the most? Do you have a standout business that you admire over others?

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