22 April 2016

When you become a parent, there is nothing in life more important than the wellbeing and happiness of your children.


Key103 DJ Darren Proctor takes to the stage

I have three daughters and a fourth on the way and to hear the heart-breaking stories from the two brave families that stood on stage and shared their experiences, left me literally speechless.

The families bravely told the room of their incredible children at the Cash For Kids Superhero Day launch event, here at UKFast last night.

I won’t repeat them here, but it is safe to say that they will stay with me forever, and forever be a reminder that we should make the most of every moment with our children, taking nothing for granted.

Superhero Day this year, which we’re extraordinarily proud to sponsor once again, is in aid of When You Wish Upon A Star. This is one of those extraordinary organisations that do something so special, it’s impossible to put a monetary value on their work. It’s priceless to the families who are given something that is impossible to put a value on, as one of the grieving mums said: “You gave me the photographs and the memories that I will treasure.”

I am in awe of these people. The charity, the families and the people who have taken the time to support them and make a real impact on people going through the worst experience imaginable.

Worthwhile projects like these need all the support they can get.

However tough life gets for us all, there is always someone less fortunate than ourselves and these are the ones we need to stand shoulder to shoulder with and help.

The money I gave last night is just the start of my efforts to help, and if anyone wants to join me for a sponsored walk up Snowdon next month, dressed as Super Heroes of course, let me know!

I hope to see the whole of Manchester get behind this year’s Superhero Day. It’s up to us to stand with these families and show them that there is good in the world and to make their lives happier, no matter how short they may be.

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