25 April 2016

Whose influence would you respect more: one of the most popular presidents of our time, well-respected and eloquent; or a man now known as BoJo, bumbling and popular for his repeated gaffes?

As Barack Obama embarks on his latest visit to the UK, he’s made it clear that he believes that we’re a stronger ally if we’re part of the European Union.eu

Writing exclusively for the Sun, Boris Johnson, BoJo, the Mayor of London responded with “no one is going to tell us what to do”. But maybe, listening to the opinion of such a prominent world leader is exactly what we should be doing.

Whilst Boris looks after our capital, Obama looks after one of the world’s great powers – more than 300 million people. Would it not be safe to assume that after so many years in the job and gaining respect from across the world, he perhaps has a valuable insight to offer?

Boris did however say that it was time to “channel the spirit of the early Obama – and believe in Britain again”.

It seems a desperate move to poo-pooh his input before then turning Obama’s famous ‘Yes We Can’ spirit against the message that the president himself is pushing on his visit to the UK. He said: “Can we take back control of our borders and our money and our system of government? Yes we can.”

What nonsense. He’s oversimplifying a much more complex issue to gain favour.

It must be hard for the ‘leave’ campaign having Boris as a leading representative, alongside UKIP head Nigel Farage, who said Mr Obama should “butt out”. They’re hardly compelling speakers, with even less compelling arguments.

It’s worth noting the motivation behind Boris’s editorial in the Sun. Let’s not forget that Rupert Murdoch was famously quoted answering the question of why he wants us to leave the EU saying: “That’s easy, when I go to Downing Street they do what I say; when I go to Brussels they take no notice.”

That, to me, is reason enough to want to stay. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

As for Boris, I firmly believe that this is about causing a divide in the Tories and across the country. He simply wants the No10 job and he’s using the Brexit debate as a publicity vehicle to achieve just that.

I have made my views on the Brexit clear: I wholeheartedly think that we should remain in the union. However, as the referendum draws nearer, it is essential for those who are undecided to seek the facts, aside from the propaganda-esque campaigning, the political infighting and the embarrassing rhetoric that surrounds our country’s leaders.

Do you think it’s acceptable for Obama to share his opinion on the Brexit?



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