28 April 2016

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Wow. This morning I woke up to the news that UKFast has been named as the fifth best workplace in the UK.

We’ve entered the ‘Great Workplaces: Best Companies to Work For’ for more than six years and this is our highest ever ranking, and we’re now classed as a medium-sized business, graduating from the ‘small’ category. Our ranking puts us as the top medium-sized tech firm to work for.

I am often asked why we do what we do at UKFast. Why do we have a gym? Why have a steam room? Why have a bar? Isn’t it a waste of money sending the team over to Verbier for skiing a skiing trip?

The answer is simple. I know that the team is at the heart of UKFast. The passion, the culture, the success that we’ve seen so far, all boils down to our amazing team. Each and every one of them works incredibly hard; we’ve all heard the phrase ‘work hard, play hard’, perhaps we just go a little further.

As business owners, it’s our responsibility to make the workplace somewhere to enjoy being. To make it a home from home. We spend a third of our lives working, why should that condemn us to looking at grey walls and eating sad sandwiches while sitting on a plastic chair in a grubby break room?

Our placement in the list was an incredible thing to hear; the validation that we are doing things right. We’ve always strived to provide an extraordinary place for our team. Right from the beginning, Gail and I would take the team out for fish and chips each Friday; something simple to say thank you.

And whilst we’ve won awards for being a top employer in the past, these annual surveys from Great Workplaces and Best Companies don’t rely on a panel to choose the winners. They rely on the employees. The very people who experience the business day in, day out.

Just as I did at the end of year celebration at Christmastime, I must say thank you. Thank you to the team for giving their all for UKFast, for making the business and culture what it is and thank you for giving us feedback to help us continue to grow and improve.

I have promised throughout the past few months that there is more to come; our journey isn’t over, not by a long shot. Here’s to coming first next year!

We’re recruiting now for 100 new roles, if you want to join our team, find out more here.

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