4 May 2016

When you think of the Queen and the Royal Family, what do you think of? Old-fashioned traditions, perhaps?

Up until very recently, I would very much doubt that social media or the internet spring to mind. However, since The Obamas challenged the Royal Family in a video that quickly went viral, the traditionally offline establishment has caused quite the cyber-stir!
queen and obama screenshot

I was fascinated to see the response to Barack and Michelle Obama’s Invictus Games video – with the now famous ‘mic drop’ – and even more so to see Prince Harry’s and Her Majesty’s response. And now, the Canadian Prime Minister has joined in.

If Harry was behind the campaign, as he was the games, it is a stroke of genius and the first time that I know of, that the Royal Family, the President of the United States of America and the head of government in Canada have collectively come together to promote an initiative.

Only a grandchild could persuade our Monarch to show this more fun side of themselves – they hold some sort of power of grandparents don’t they.

As it has with most of us, the internet has provided a more personal insight into the lives of these elusive, high-profile leaders. A side that we would never normally see. We’re all made of flesh and blood, at the end of the day.

Has the internet broken down yet another barrier with just a simple video series? The clips are certainly a far cry from the carefully orchestrated documentaries or the PR we’ve previously been privy too.

Personally, I like it. It’s just enough of an insight into these incredible leaders to make them human, personable, without removing the awe of the positions that they each hold.

I wonder if it is a matter of time until our Monarch has her own Twitter account or Snapchat? Maybe not, and yes, the videos are of course furthering a personal brand in some form, but it is undeniable the internet is continuing to give us extraordinary access to people – no matter who they are – across the world.

What do you think?

Here’s a summary of the videos if you haven’t seen them yet.

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