9 May 2016

Would you leave your office doors unlocked, windows open and business-critical data out on the desk?

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It’s time to switch IT managers’ focus to security.

Clearly not, or I would hope not! However this is what a lot of businesses are in fact doing, by not locking down their online presence. Having poor cybersecurity is the equivalent of having essential business data lying around for anyone to pop in and take a look.

Yesterday I was invited along to Media City to speak on the BBC Breakfast sofa about cybersecurity in light of a new report that showed at least a quarter of large firms experience a breach at least once a month.

Scarily, 54% of the companies that were surveyed said that the directors of the businesses only hear about it occasionally! Whilst the issue is reaching board level more, cybersecurity should be seen as a top threat to business.

Consider how much we store online now. Just think about how much we rely on websites, or digital databases on shared drives, desktop-as-a-service. Now imagine that service going down, or someone getting into your systems and stealing the information from within or someone locking you out of your network altogether. This is a growing threat, ransomware is on the rise, with hackers charging increasing amounts of money to unlock your systems.

Could you still do business? Would your reputation withstand such a knock?

It is one of the biggest challenges that we face in business now.

At UKFast, we’ve spent the past 17 years focussing on getting people online and growing with the internet; we will spend the next 17 years securing it and teaching people how to protect themselves and their businesses.

But it is not just the big businesses that are at risk. All businesses, all people; anyone online. You’re at risk of your data being taken. Only last week there was a huge leak revealed where millions of email addresses and passwords – including Gmail and Yahoo – were shared online. Imagine what someone could learn about you, what they could acquire on your behalf if they had access to your email account.

It is safe to assume that many of you reuse your passwords too. So, once a hacker has one password, they’ve got access to everything.

We need to take it right back to the basics of cybersecurity. We need to shift IT managers’ focus to security.

Cyber risks are constantly evolving and it is near-impossible to stay ahead of the curve; as soon as you create a piece of code, someone is looking for a flaw or vulnerability within it, it’s the nature of the game. However, if we make sure our ducks are in a row and we have strong security foundations, we’re certainly in a better position to withstand whatever comes along.

Our team, and security arm Secarma, are here for anyone concerned with the security of their hosting.

Is cybersecurity high on your business agenda?

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